Murdered in Panama City, Florida

The 3 self-confessed murders,

John Duffield (18), Herbert Langford (32), and Tommy Turner (18)

sit in 3 North Florida prisons for life--no parole, no appeals.

Following Mike's 22nd birthday party

these 3 so-called friends (who attended

the party and drank his beer)

tortured him for his PIN to his ATM card.

He gave his life, but not the correct number.

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The following linked text contains graphic language from the murderers' confessions and the autopsy. Before the judge sentenced the criminals, we were given an opportunity to address the court and Mike's murderers. Since there was no trial, I wanted the Judge, and the media, to be able to imagine the images that I did as I read the investigation reports. I wanted each criminal to know what his "friends" had said, and I tried to conjure up the image of how they left Mike, that they might have that image to think about for the rest of their lives.

A Father's statement at the sentencing.

A Brother's statement at the sentencing.

Mike's girlfriend, Anna's memorial page

Newspaper Accounts (links no longer work):

June 16, 1999       June 17, 1999

October 12, 1999       October 13, 1999       December 31, 1999